The mission of Aloe Tree Birth House is to build the bonds that build a nation by restoring a mother’s right to give birth in a safe and positive environment. Follow us and feel free to support our fundraising efforts to purchase and renovate this property in cash, so that we can offer our services to clients at an affordable rate.

Colleen Pedersen - Doula Services
Emotional and Physical Support
Emotional and Physical Support

I believe the emotional and physical support given to a labouring woman is a unique art form.

Mother in control of her own birth
Mother in control of her own birth

With the support of a doula – antenatally, during birth, and postnatally – I believe a mother is able to take control of her own birth

Empowering the labouring woman
Empowering the labouring woman

How a woman is supported during birth can transform the event into one of courageous power.

The Birth House

Home should be your happy space and harbour in the storm.”

This is why we want to bring the home environment into your birth experience. We want women with low-risk pregnancies to experience the rewarding and safe benefits of planned, midwife-guided deliveries. Our vision at Aloe Tree Birth House is to transform this beautiful house into a fully equipped birthing center, so that more women in the Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) area can come away from their childbirth, empowered, confident, and whole. 


We offer ongoing, women-centered, midwife-led care for pregnant and birthing mothers. Our passion is to lay foundations for strong parental bonds, forging a healthy sense of family and rooted identity. We believe that a positive and satisfying birthing experience can help lay these foundations.

Postpartum Care

We offer ongoing women-centred care, a deep sense of emotional disconnect between a mother and baby may develop. She becomes vulnerable to postpartum depression, which can be debilitating and often go unchecked. Our aim is to provide an alternative birthing model that can go a long way in preventing these poor health outcomes. 

A woman in birth is at once her most powerful, and most vulnerable. But any woman who has birthed unhindered understands that we are stronger than we know. 

​-Marcie Macarai

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