Colleen Pedersen

When I trained as a midwife many years ago I was absolutely enthralled by the miracle, the power and the beauty of birth. On a personal level, giving birth to my own four children was a most inspiring experience for me as a woman. This brought about a strong desire in me to see other women experience birth in this way. Having a good birth experience is about knowing your options, making good choices and being well prepared. My hope is that women will look back on their child’s birth knowing that they took part in a miracle and that they did well. These desires for women have led me to dream of a birth home where women are well supported on their journey into motherhood. I would like to know that moms were able to meet their newborns in a gentle, unhurried and supported way.


Lisa Krummeck

Birthing is an integral part of family life. I stand in awe of the natural process of child birth. I am passionate about helping mothers and fathers not just have a good birth, but to have an incredible birth experience, facilitating the natural process to the optimum. I want to empower moms to not just be the healthiest they can be, but also to have the most special connection between them and baby that forms the platform for their future relationship.

BCUR: ICU course work, ICU and NICU experienced. Registered nurse, Community Nurse, Psychiatric nurse and midwife.  Currently going to NICU to give training and orientate new staff. 

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Juanita Rose Mackenzie

My heart is for all woman to be informed and educated on what good birth entails and realise the immense value of it. My passion is to see women empowered through birth and help them have a positive birth experience in a supportive, mother-led, nurturing environment where the whole family’s needs are respected and held in the highest regard. I value a holistic approach where care is at the utmost level in this sacred and pivotal moment of life. My aim is for mom, dad and baby to THRIVE and not just survive birth.​

BCUR: Nursing degree in Midwifery, General, Psychiatric and Community Nursing, Qualified Doula, Basic Life Support course, Sensitive Midwifery Course, Certificate of Theology 


Dave Pedersen

I have come to believe that healthy births empower potential for life development. Helping people start life well orientates toward finishing well.

ThB, HonsBTh, MTh, DTh.

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